sexta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2009

Make a difference

Xmas day, 2009

I wish I knew what I wanted to do.
Actually, if I cared to be honest with myself,
I'd realize that what I really crave is
To make a difference in this planet
For the better, of course.
But, as a scientist, it's very hard
For engineer I am no more.
As an artist, could I succeed,
Starting so lately? Who knows...?
As a priest, it'd be hard - for a mean sinner I am!
Star public server - you've got to be kidding !!!
In this corrupt political world we're in!
Designer of cars? But where and how

- You're a loser and you know it
No, I'm not! I can still do something!
But what
Paralyzed by fear of change I am
I couldn't even leave my comfy position
My f... corner office - small as it is!

Lord, please help me.
I'll ride tomorrow, to Rio again
Taking lots of stuff to read, draw and paint
Maybe to stay away of my own mind
Fighting to be little

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